Subject Re: [firebird-support] linux, firebird embedded and $FIREBIRD_TMP
Author Milan Babuskov
Daniel Weuthen wrote:
> I want to use Firebird embedded for my Linux application. I copied all
> necessary files to an fbembed subfolder. it works pretty well as long as
> only one user runs the program. the second user can not use it because
> the permissions of /tmp/firebird are wrong for him

AFAIK, only a single Linux user can access the same database file at the
same time. You can have multiple applications accessing the same
database file, but they must all be "owned" by the same Linux user. This
is because only one user can hold a lock on that file.

If you need multiple different users to access the file, you have to go
through TCP/IP, i.e. full server.

Milan Babuskov

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