Subject Re: slow join?
Author emb_blaster
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> Hi--
> Thanks for the "set statistics index" tip....that did it.

You are wellcome :D

> After I did the "set statistics index", the result returned in about 50 seconds instead of the 25 minutes I was seeing. I didn't add any indexs or anything, just itterated through all tables and all existing indexes for them doing that. I trust that is how i should've done it?
> Thanks!
> Kelly

I'm quite sure you did it right way. But sometimes you may need "backup'n'restore". Also, you can go further reading old messages, look for index statistics, or index selectivity... you will find usefull. Also Ann Harrison has a papper in IBPhoenix that is a must read for understanding index... (acctualy, I must admit that I'm not really wise in Firebird's subjects yet.. :(

anyway, I didn't like wait 50 sec. Are you sure this is acceptable?