Subject linux, firebird embedded and $FIREBIRD_TMP
Author Daniel Weuthen
Moderator note: If this problem turns out to be applicable only to V.2.5 then this topic should be discontinued here and moved to firebird-devel. Users are reminded that we don't discuss problems specific to pre-release versions in this list.

Hi all,

I want to use Firebird embedded for my Linux application. I copied all
necessary files to an fbembed subfolder. it works pretty well as long as
only one user runs the program. the second user can not use it because
the permissions of /tmp/firebird are wrong for him. I tried exporting
the FIREBIRD_TMP environment variable (pointing to $HOME/appname/fbtmp)
before starting the program, but that seems to be ignored (strace tells
me so). I am using Firebird 2.5 beta 2.

Any suggestions?


Daniel Weuthen