Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: problem with gbak
Author Stefan Heymann
> We are going to make changes in our program as follows (the
> database was already disconnected from the application during back-up/restore) : -

> (i) Take the backup through gbak as follows
> gbak -b -t -v -user "username" -pas "password"
> "Source_File_Path" "Destination_File_Path"
> (ii) If an output file is generated then the back up is successful.
> (i) Restore the backed up file through gbak as follows
> gbak -c -v -user "username" -pas "pay21fdb" "Backedup_File" "New_File"
> (ii) If output file is created successfully then replace the
> earlier DB with the file created in (ii).

> Please let me know, apart from the 'v' switch, any other verification is recommended

Apart from what Alan has recommended I would also recommend to write a
log file, using the -y switch, like in

gbak -b -t -v -user "username" -pas "password" -y "mylogfile.txt"
"source_database" "dest_file_path"

Make sure your log file does not exist before you start this because
GBAK will fail. I always put a DEL command before that.