Subject Re: [firebird-support] Move away from Yahoo Groups to a Forum
Author Paul Vinkenoog
Hi blizzard,

> I just want to express my frustration at using this Yahoo Group.
> First of all it's not compatible with Google Chrome in that it won't
> let me post.

Then I'd say the incompatibility is with Google Chrome. These groups
have been functioning since long before Google Chrome arrived.

> Wouldn't a 'forum' be the best solution? From what I've seen, these
> have the best search functions and everything is organised into
> threads.

Why don't you just subscribe to the mailing list and use a good
threaded mail reader with search capabilities? Myself I rarely visit
the Yahoogroups interface - I hate it.

With mailing lists, you have all the messages delivered at your
doorstep *and* you can keep everything that's interesting on your own

Paul Vinkenoog