Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: fdb files location
Author Lester Caine
vestrinang wrote:
> --- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
>> At 06:00 PM 7/09/2009, you wrote:
>>> Hello,
>>> I'm using firebird for several months now.. I installed it on a CentOS box, from a rpm package. I'm successfully conecting from my Windows boxes, I managed quite complicated stuff in a database, but I cannot find the *.fdb file on my CentOS filesystem. There is no "mydb.fdb" file (assuming my database is named mydb, which I use in my connection strings) on the CentOS filesystem. Did an "updatedb" under root, then "locate *.fdb", "locate mydb", locate "mydb.fdb", etc, but no results (besides the examples.fdb and help.fdb files).
>>> Where on earth is my fdb file?! The log files are not of any help on this issue.
>>> I created my database in IBExpert, on the Windows client side, did not use iSQL + CREATE DATABASE on the CentOS console. In firebird.config, DatabaseAccess is set to the default (full I assume).
>> What connection string do you use to connect from your Windows boxes?
>> ./heLen
> (I have dns server running, also)
> "locate" did not help me, even after "updatedb", but..
> "find / -name 'mydb' -type f" did help me.
> I found my file in the /tmp directory.. I understand that was the current directory (for the fbserver, I assume) at the time when the create database was sent, as long as I did not specify a path (and neither the extension).
> I think that, for the newbie user, there should be a default "reasonable" location for the newly created databases, when no path is specified, for example a directory named ~firebird/databases
> Also, IMHO, alongside with the default database directory, the default DatabaseAccess should not be full.
> In order to move the database to a more suitable location, I suppose now I should back it up from the current location and restore it to my desired one.
> Thank you very much for your timely responses :)

Having just been through the exercise of checking all this stuff on
Fedora 11, I can partially agree. But the problem is one for the Linux
distribution rather than Firebird, since it is THAT which messes up the
normal installation of any project :(

There *IS* a default "reasonable" location and you have alrady looked at
it with the employee entry in alias.conf - add your own entry here for
'mydb' and just copy the employee location or use something more
suitable for you. Both windows and linux will them access the same
database without needing to know WHERE the database is actaully saved ...

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