Subject fdb files location
Author vestrinang

I'm using firebird for several months now.. I installed it on a CentOS box, from a rpm package. I'm successfully conecting from my Windows boxes, I managed quite complicated stuff in a database, but I cannot find the *.fdb file on my CentOS filesystem. There is no "mydb.fdb" file (assuming my database is named mydb, which I use in my connection strings) on the CentOS filesystem. Did an "updatedb" under root, then "locate *.fdb", "locate mydb", locate "mydb.fdb", etc, but no results (besides the examples.fdb and help.fdb files).
Where on earth is my fdb file?! The log files are not of any help on this issue.
I created my database in IBExpert, on the Windows client side, did not use iSQL + CREATE DATABASE on the CentOS console. In firebird.config, DatabaseAccess is set to the default (full I assume).