Subject Re: [firebird-support] Windows Server 2003 vs Linux
Author André Knappstein, Controlling
Hello Anderson,

~~~Ihre Nachricht~~~

AF> Now, I need to
AF> check on a FB 1.5 Classic server running on a Windows Server 2003
AF> ...
AF> ...
AF> This is an FB DB dedicated server, that deals with about 300+ concurrent
AF> connections (and going to 400+ soon).
AF> ...
AF> ...
AF> One of the big problems is that some of the C/S apps that use this DB do not
AF> handle transactions well and db gets stuck with many record versions...

Your description matches our main FB server close enough, and,
considering this set of information, I would advise you to either use
FB 2.xx on Windows, or to move to Linux, seriously, or - at least - to
make sure your pagesize is small enough, so that the available RAM
will always be enough for all concurrent connections.

I have about 50+ users connecting to 5 databases on a similar machine.
That's 250 concurrent connections. And they usually pile up and stay
connected due an old issue with 1.5.x which does not take effect on
2.x. and/or does not take effect on Linux (Zombie connections).

Since you wrote that "some of the apps..." are not handling
transactions well, I take it granted that you did not write them.
Before you take any action at all, I advise you to find out as much as
possible about which client libraries/programming languages have been
used. They probably depend on an outdated version of an ODBC driver,
for example, so - switching to 2.x might not be that easy.

I am still stuck on 1.5 because my oldest application is not compliant
to the later ODBC drivers. I hope to be done with ODBC this summer,
until then, for me, 2.1 is reserved for new applications only.

Also I think that the database was not created by you, right?
When switching from 1.5 to 2.x, poorly written UDFs and PSQL modules
can be quite an issue, and you better revise all of them before.


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