Subject Re: [firebird-support] SYSDBA, security and backups
Author Thomas Steinmaurer
> if i am to set up scheduled backups at client end then i am forced to expose the SYSDBA username and password in the batch file am i not?
> how can i facilitate backups without giving away our crown jewels?

By NOT using SYSDBA as the owner of databases and database objects
(tables, views, ...).

This happens when you create the database or its objects when connected
as SYSDBA. Either recreate your database with a new owner/user or use
our tool called FBOwnerMigrator (download link on request), which allows
you to migrate the owner on-the-fly.

Although, you still need to supply the password of the new owner in the
batch file then, but it won't be the password of SYSDBA anymore. FWIW.

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