Subject Re: SYSDBA, security and backups
Author martinthrelly
--- In, Thomas Steinmaurer <ts@...> wrote:
> > if i am to set up scheduled backups at client end then i am forced to expose the SYSDBA username and password in the batch file am i not?
> >
> > how can i facilitate backups without giving away our crown jewels?
> By NOT using SYSDBA as the owner of databases and database objects
> (tables, views, ...).
> This happens when you create the database or its objects when connected
> as SYSDBA. Either recreate your database with a new owner/user or use
> our tool called FBOwnerMigrator (download link on request), which allows
> you to migrate the owner on-the-fly.
> Although, you still need to supply the password of the new owner in the
> batch file then, but it won't be the password of SYSDBA anymore. FWIW.

where can i get FBOwnerMigrator? is it freeware?

also, if I create a new user specifically for GBAK, what are the minimum rights i will need to assign?

thanks for this