Subject Re: [firebird-support] Firebird 2.1.2 crashed too. How to set-up debug version to localize the problem
Author Milan Babuskov
Andrew wrote:
> I have no Idea why the FireBird developers do not use exception handlers
> to avoid server crashes (at least).

That wouldn't change anything. If it is an unexpected exception program
is left in an undefined state, it is still better to crash it than to
let it continue working and produce bad results or damage the database file.

There are mechanisms that restart the server right away. If you use
Classic, the impact of crash is minimal: only one connection is lost and
that one couldn't continue working anyway. On SuperServer it is more
problematic, but if you're really building a web application, I assume
reconnect is not an issue.

Also, from my experience with Linux debuggers, it is sometimes easier to
debug a problem if you let the program crash, esp. if you don't run
debug version of every system library involved.

Milan Babuskov