Subject Re: Recommend me a Linux distro for Firebird
Author Emil Totev
I would recommend you to take a look at ClarkConnect ( This is a server distribution based on RHEL / CentOS, without X, but with a rather nice web-based management.

Firebird (at least SuperServer) installs easily from the official RPMs, you only have to install libstdc++ first.

It is possible to extend the standard web management console to include some Firebird-specific management actions.

--- In, Jorge Andres Brugger <jorge.brugger@...> wrote:
> I want to set up a linux+firebird server. I want to:
> - Run the most recent stable Firebird version
> - Use package manager to install and update Firebird
> What I´ve seen:
> - Debian has "outdated" packages (I know, they want to offer a secure
> distro)
> - FB Official ones are only rpm based
> What Linux distro you could recommend? (easy FB binary install, easy
> general admin, updated FB packages available).
> Thanks!