Subject PCI/PA-DSS Compliance
Author Lee Jenkins
One of our customers recently underwent a security audit by a registered PA-DSS

Bad News: Our POS application failed because we're using FB 1.5 which has some
exploit vulerabilities.

Good News: Upgrading our customers to FB 2.1 + resolves the only issue found
with our software. Not surprising since we've been ramping up for PA-DSS
certification for the last six months, but the auditing company was familiar
with FirebirdSQL.

"Firebird Database Server Stack Overflow
The remote host has been identified as running a version of the
Firebirt SQL database server that is vulnerable to stack overflow of the
protocol handling routine."

Just good googling or is Firebird becoming prominent enough where it's
development is included by default in the KB's of companies like this?

Warm Regards,