Subject Re: [firebird-support] 2.1.1 Embedded runtime dlls
Author Stefan Heymann
> I cannot reproduce the problem on any of my test or development
> machines and am concerned as the 2 users who reported the problem
> represent 5% of my beta testers for a new product. I don't want to
> release the product where 5% cant get the software to run.

According to my "research", the problem mainly hits people who have
Windows XP without any ServicePack.

There was a discussion on the firebird-devel list with the subject
"MSVC8 Tests" last year. You can find the details there.

Vlad provided a specially built 2.1.1 Embedded server that could run
with just the Microsoft DLLs in the application's directory (the
download link doesn't work anymore). The upcoming Embedded Firebird
2.1.2 should also work that way. So maybe you could test the 2.1.2 RC2

Best Regards