Subject 2.1.1 Embedded runtime dlls
Author Martin Searancke
I have had a couple of users report issues when loading the Embedded version of 2.1.1 that I have tracked down to it not finding the runtime dlls (msvcp80.dll & msvcr80.dll).

Delphi is giving me the unhelpful message "InterBase library gds32.dll not found in the path" but after a lot of investigation I discovered that installation of the "Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Redistributable Package" solved the problem.

My installer does include msvcp80.dll & msvcr80.dll and I did confirm with the user that these files existed in the applications install directory.

Both instances of this problem was on XP machines (ruling out that it was vista's dll cache causing the problem).

I cannot reproduce the problem on any of my test or development machines and am concerned as the 2 users who reported the problem represent 5% of my beta testers for a new product. I don't want to release the product where 5% cant get the software to run.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.