Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: firebird database base crashing windows server
Author Alan McDonald
> No, I had NOD32 on it but about 3 months ago I reformatted the server and
did not install it back on.
> But some of the machines connecting to it are running NOD32 and other ones
are running AVG. I also had AVG on the
> server but it picked up that a lot of the vetlink files were viruses and I
uninstalled it. I check for viruses and
> spyware all the time. There's bit-defender on it now. I am going to one AV
when the licences are up in Mar/Apr.
> Bob

I don't know if this vetlink thing needs port 3050 or some other port. Make
sure the port it needs is open on both server and clients' firewalls/AV
setups. The clients may need other ports if the system uses events. Again,
you're best contactng vetlink for more information before we can help much
more than this.

I there a reason for not contacting them?