Subject RE: [firebird-support] Re: firebird database base crashing windows server
Author Alan McDonald
> > > > I am an IT support person that has a firebird database on my
> server
> > > > supporting an end program. I am having an error that says
> something
> > > > about losing IP connection to the localhost.
> > >
> > > is this in the firebird log? or OS event log?
> > > what's in the firebird log?
> > >
> I have had a 5 second network dropout in the OS event log... the short
> dropouts (less than a second) do not show up. How do you check the FB
> log?

C:\Program Files\Firebird\Firebird_2_0\firebird.log

these error messages are produced by this vetlink SQL program. You need to
talk them to them in the first instance.
I can see it's an application written in Delphi against Firebird using
IBObjects as the connection layer. That's about it as far as the error
It may well have something to do with the server setup but without better
knowledge of the application and what it's trying to connect to it's a guess
to go any further.
Any reason why you are not asking VETSQL about this?

> >
> > No, it is an error window that keeps replicating itself. Can I attach
> a
> > jpg to show you the error?
> >
> you can send it to me directly
> but is there nothing in the firebird log? this sounds like nothing to
> do
> with Firebird then...
> Alan