Subject Re: Dialect 1 database with a table called CASE
Author wibbleian2
Hi Norman,

The example you give is correct for dialect 3 databases.

However in dialect 1 the double and single quotes are for literals:

SQL> SELECT "Hello", 'Norman' FROM rdb$database;

====== ======

Hello Norman

But by the time we get to dialect 3:

SQL> SELECT "Hello", 'Norman' FROM rdb$database;
Statement failed, SQLCODE = -206

Dynamic SQL Error
-SQL error code = -206
-Column unknown
-At line 1, column 1.

So I think the question still stands. How does the BDE manage to SELECT * FROM CASE in a dialect 1 database?



> >> But I'm confused. I was confident that you couldn't access
> >> tables and fields that became reserved words in dialect 1
> >> database. But how does the BDE manage it?

> Probably, by doing the above.
> As an example, granted Dialect 3 I'm afraid, Firebird 2.1.3:
> SQL> create table "CASE"(a numeric(5));
> SQL> commit;