Subject Dialect 1 database with a table called CASE
Author wibbleian2

I've got a dialect 1 database running on a 1.5 server that talks to an old Delphi 3 app via BDE4.

It all runs fine, including all queries to a table called case. From SQL Explorer I can do anything I want.

However, I can't access the case table from the command line, which could prove to be a problem.

At the moment this isn't a show stopper as I only use isql for maintenance tasks and so far anything I've needed to do in isql I've been able to do with SQL Explorer. And whilst BDE4 still works then the old app will work and SQL Explorer will work.

But I'm confused. I was confident that you couldn't access tables and fields that became reserved words in dialect 1 database. But how does the BDE manage it?