Subject Re: [firebird-support] Latest stable release
Author Mark Rotteveel
> What is the last stable release of firebird?

2.1.3 is the latest, as is shown on the website.

> We are getting too much hangs on FB on W2003 server and we
> want
> to migrate it to the last version on a Linux one.

Rule one of troubleshooting: only change one variable at a time. First update Firebird, only then update to linux if the problem persists. Doing both at the same time can be expensive (eg retraining staff for the new environment)

> Most of our problems seems to be solved on version 2.1.4 (CORE-1968, and
> "expected page"), but on the last one seems to be
> 2.1.3.
> What about the final release of 2.5?

2.5 is not yet released

> If the last one is 2.1.3, we cannot find where to download a version for
> Linux (CentOS) with Intel 64 bits. Does exist?

AMD64 is also compatible with Intel. It is simply called AMD64 because AMD was the first to introduce a 64 bit x86 instructionset. This instructionset is also used by Intel due to an IP-'sharing' between AMD and Intel.

BTW: Might be worthwhile to rename AMD64 to x64 (ex like Sun has done) to prevent this kind of confusion.

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