Subject Re: Firebird for big projects
Author jegazarco
> Users ... how are they connecting? That might be over the direct-connection
> limit (250?), I don't remember. But if you're going through middleware with
> connection pooling, then it's about the load, not the exact number of physical
> connections.

Around 120 users will be connected direct, and 200/300 will be connected trough ASP.NET with pooling.

> Lots of activity, or lots of data? What kind of activity? That's all going to
> be about index usage, most likely, or maybe cacheing. Tough questions to answer
> in general.

Lots of activity and data. Data because in 30 tables will be inserted more than 500.000 records, one table of them will have more than 300.000, and activity because each inserted record will be updated at least 10 times, and will be accessed to read it a minimum of 100 times.