Subject Firebird for big projects
Author jegazarco
Hello, we are evaluating the option to use Firebird 2.1.X instead of Interbase 2009 for 7 projects that we are going to start.

Tha database has around 1000 tables, 3000 triggers and 2000 stored proccedures. I need the database running 24x7, because tha targets are hospitals, and will containg critical data that need to be online and stable. Users around 300.

The database will have 30 tables with a lot of activity. One will start with 300 million of records, and the other ones around 20% of that one.

Daily will be inserted 500.000 records and updated them several times.

The box will be a cluster with 2 quadcore, 64 bits, Windows 2008, 8Gb RAM.

Will FB use all cores and all RAM?