Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Firebird for big projects
Author Carlos H. Cantu
I would not generalize and say that CS needs daily DBA. If CS is
correctly installed and configured, it probably will run fine for
months/years, without any changes, as SS does. So, maybe what you need
is an DBA/expert just for the initial installation/configuration, and
maybe some tune-ups when the running environment suffers some
expressive change (like bunch of new terminals being added, etc).

Personally speaking, one of the "drawbacks" of classic for me today is
that you can't easily "kick" all the connected people out. With SS,
you can just shutdown Firebird and all connections will be ended. With
Classic, as each connection has its own FB process, you do not have a
way to do that. "Killing" all the FB process is not recommended, since
it may corrupt the database. Fortunately, FB 2.5 will allow to
terminate connections using the MON$ tables.

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v> That rules out Classic for me :)

v> Seriously, I think I will have to keep using SS because I address
v> small businesses thus in all probability no onsite DBA.

v> Thanks Dimitry.

v> --- In, Dimitry Sibiryakov <sd@...> wrote:
>> > I too get FB to install SS, though I must say I have microscopic database in reference to the OP's requirement. Should I too start using Classic? If so then why is SS the default installation?
>> Using Classic Server requires DBA with more brain than Super Server.
>> SY, SD.