Subject RE: [firebird-support] Date format
Author Helen Borrie
At 06:28 AM 15/11/2009, you wrote:

>steve@steve-desktop:~$ isql end_db
>| Connected! |
>| |
>| sql-statement |
>| help [tablename] |
>| quit |
>| |

Looks like MySQL's isql. It only works with MySQL. You need to use Firebird's.

Go to the /bin directory of the Fb installation.

steve@steve-desktop:~$ .isql /path/to/database/end_db -user whoever -password whatever

1. Notice the dot at the front
2. The user is not 'steve' but a firebird user.
3. At installation, there is only one user (SYSDBA). The initial password generated into a text file in Firebird's root by the installation script