Subject Re: Data Lost...
Author gsndelphicoder
Database File Name: CVIMan_111109.fdb

Super Server

In the TIBConnection ForcedWrites is set to dpbDefault.

--- In, Daniel Rail <daniel@...> wrote:
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> At November-13-09, 1:20 PM, gsndelphicoder wrote:
> > Does anyone have any experience with data loss due to a PC turning off unexpectedly?
> > This is kinda freaking me out. I don't want to lose this client
> > and need to get to the bottom of this. He has be using this system
> > for months with no problems until the PC turned itself off yesterday.
> What version of Firebird is being used?
> Classic, SuperServer or Embedded?
> What is the Forced Writes setting for the database?
> I suspect Forced Writes is off, which means the file will be written
> to disk, by Windows, when Firebird closes the database and released
> the file handle.
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