Subject blob functions fail in linux 64 bit systems
Author robert.gilland
I have compiled and use quite nicely, below 'c' function,
which then i use in a centos linux 32bit system.

however the same function when executed in a centos 64bit system,
causes the connection to drop out ( as is standard when an UDF function fails )

I noticed this bug has been raised in a PHP forum as below.
so it clearly isn't just my fault.

Has anyone got any ideas?

Kind Regards,


typedef short TISC_BlobGetSegment(int*, char*,long, long*);
typedef void TISC_BlobPutSegment(int*, char*, short);

typedef struct
TISC_BlobGetSegment* GetSegment;
int* BlobHandle;
long SegmentCount;
long MaxSegmentLength;
long TotalSize;
TISC_BlobPutSegment* PutSegment;

typedef TBlob* PBlob;

PBlob StrBlob PROTO_LIST (( char*, PBlob ));

#include <stdio.h>
#include <ctype.h>
#include "global.h"
#include "blob_functions.h"

PBlob StrBlob ( sz, Blob )
char * sz;
PBlob Blob;

if(( Blob != NULL )&&( Blob->BlobHandle != NULL ))
return Blob;