Subject Re: [firebird-support] blob functions fail in linux 64 bit systems
Author Dmitry Yemanov
robert.gilland wrote:

> I have compiled and use quite nicely, below 'c' function,
> which then i use in a centos linux 32bit system.
> however the same function when executed in a centos 64bit system,
> causes the connection to drop out ( as is standard when an UDF function fails )

Do you use a 64-bit FB version on centos 64-bit?
If so, have you recompiled the UDF library for a 64-bit target?

> typedef short TISC_BlobGetSegment(int*, char*,long, long*);

Last two parameters must be short and short*, respectively;

> typedef struct
> {
> TISC_BlobGetSegment* GetSegment;
> int* BlobHandle;
> long SegmentCount;
> long MaxSegmentLength;
> long TotalSize;
> TISC_BlobPutSegment* PutSegment;
> }TBlob;

SegmentCount, MaxSegmentLength and TotalSize must be int.