Subject Re: Kubuntu 9.10 AMD64 problem in installing FirebirdSS-
Author raja_s_patil
Everything is Fine and I am back to business,

I just restored backups of databases and tested
connectivity and fired some long running processes
compared results with earlier results and found them OK.
I am resuming the development after shifting to Kubuntu 9.10
it took me 4 days to comeback to routine including
installing 9.10, testing for new features, restoring backups,
installing tools, restoring databases and firebird etc.etc.
out of which firebird installation took 2/3 days due to
deprecated libstdc++5 package. All is fine now.

Here is brief howto for persons like me who will
stumble at installing firebird 2.1.3.

1. Install Kubuntu 9.10.
2. Grab libstdc++5 deb from 9.04.
3. Install that .deb by right clicking it.
4. Download latest tar ball for firebird from sourceforge.
5. extract it to temp dir and sudo

enjoy firebird. Thats all.


please try this also, it is much simpler. You were facing
connectivity problems. I too faced connectivity problem
but I disabled the firestarter and tested connectivity
it worked. Then I installed boot up manager and adjusted
execution sequence to start firebird after firestarter
it worked like a magic now I get connectivity without any
problems. I tested it with many reboots.

thanks once again who so ever has contributed to the problem.

Best Regards and long live firebird.


P.S. I am closing this chapter from my side.