Subject FW: [firebird-support] what does this error message means "XNET error: Server shutdown detected" REFdn4055716621
Author dennis
Hello to all.

I have some more information about this issue.

(Helen, please, if it is possible answer to my previous post also… I am waiting for it too… thank you).


I found from the processes tab of task manager, that the fbserver.exe is sometimes occupying 1.3gb. In these situations the firebird was still functioning but was very slow. Sometimes, this huge memory allocation takes place within less than 1 minute from the moment that our application requested connection with the database from the fbserver. Other times we just observe the sluggish behavior of the server and by checking the task manager we see this memory occupation.


On another occasion, from the task manager window again, I found that the total allocated memory of the server was 1.8gb (something very odd for this machine). From the processes tab of the task manager we saw that the fbserver.exe was occupying only 80mb (although under normal conditions, the maximum memory allocation is no more than 45mb). But when we stopped the firebird service manually more that 1.5gb were freed (the total memory that was occupied was about 250mb). We feel that it’s logical to assume that fbserver.exe was, for some reason, responsible for the occupation of that 1.5gb of memory.

We also believe that it could be possible that this rapid growth of allocated memory is also responsible for its unexpected shutdowns.

Our question is: Can we find what happens to fbserver.exe when it occupies this huge amount of memory?

Best regards, Dennis

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