Subject RE: [firebird-support] what does this error message means "XNET error: Server shutdown detected" REFdn4055716621
Author dennis
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New information: The event viewer of the server, reports: “Application hang” for the “fbserver.exe”. in the same time the firebird.log reports: “XNET error: Server shutdown detected”. So, this error message of the firebird.log maybe doesn’t mean that this is a result of shutdown request.

--- topic 2

Error message:

>SERVERVENIZ (Client) Mon Oct 19 10:03:47 2009
> XNET error: Server shutdown detected

Something else, what does the [Client] text mean in the above error message???

A client tried to attach during the timeout period between the shutdown request and change of shutdown state.


Sorry, I don’t understand you… Maybe I didn’t make it clear that this “(client)” is appeared on the 1st line of the error message. Why the error message appears “(client)” and not “(server)”.

--- topic 3


>The major problem with this server, is that often the fbserver.exe is
>dropped by unknown reason.
The executable file gets deleted? The service gets stopped? Running as an application without running fbguard? Or what else might you mean by "dropped"?


Sorry, with dropped I meant that the fbserver.exe was crashed. Then the fbquard.exe re-launches the fdeserver.exe automatically. The executable is not deleted. The service is stopped for a while and the application on the terminals become frozen. I haven’t run it as application without fbguard, I will check it.

Take care… Dennis

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