Subject what does this error message means "XNET error: Server shutdown detected" REFdn4055716621
Author dennis
SERVERVENIZ (Client) Mon Oct 19 10:03:47 2009

XNET error: Server shutdown detected

This message comes from the firebird.log, where this pc is the server. This
server makes also periodically connections (every 10 minutes) with other
servers in the same lan:

So, does this error message mean:

- the fbserver.exe was shut down (for some reason)

- or a connection to other server was lost because the other server
was shut down (this can happen by user's inappropriate handle on the other

Something else, what does the [Client] text mean in the error message???

The major problem with this server, is that often the fbserver.exe is
dropped by unknown reason. We did a format and install all from the
beginning and the problem still exists.



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