Subject Re: [firebird-support] what does this error message means "XNET error: Server shutdown detected" REFdn4055716621
Author Helen Borrie
At 10:41 PM 19/10/2009, you wrote:
>SERVERVENIZ (Client) Mon Oct 19 10:03:47 2009
> XNET error: Server shutdown detected
> This message comes from the firebird.log, where this pc is the server. This
>server makes also periodically connections (every 10 minutes) with other
>servers in the same lan:
>So, does this error message mean:
>- the fbserver.exe was shut down (for some reason)

It is in the process of going into a shutdown state as the result of a shutdown request. For the -t type of shutdown, no new transactions are allowed. For the -a shutdown, no new attachments (the situation here for your client's attempt to attach to a server). For the -f type, neither new transactions nor new attachments are allowed.

>- or a connection to other server was lost because the other server
>was shut down

The connection wasn't "lost" because it was never allowed.

>(this can happen by user's inappropriate handle on the other

Don't know about that theory, sorry.

>Something else, what does the [Client] text mean in the error message???

A client tried to attach during the timeout period between the shutdown request and change of shutdown state.

>The major problem with this server, is that often the fbserver.exe is
>dropped by unknown reason.

The executable file gets deleted? The service gets stopped? Running as an application without running fbguard? Or what else might you mean by "dropped"?

>We did a format and install all from the beginning and the problem still exists.

That sounds extreme.