Subject Re: Error while creating Firebird Database
Author Adam
> > > I am using Windows Vista. I have been in contact with the support
> > > group from SpacialAudio (where I purchased SPDJ) and they
> suggested
> > > uninstalling SPDJ and Firebird then search for and delete any
> files
> > > associated with Sampdj, Firebird and SpacialAudio. I did this then
> > > reinstalled SPDJ and received the same message again. After I sent
> > > SpacialAudio the screen shot of the error message, they said it
> was
> > > not their program problem and ended their support.

Nice. /s

> >No connection could be made because the target machine actively
> >it.

Check your Windows Firewall to make sure Firebird has an exception, or
Port 3050 is an exception.