Subject Re: Error while creating Firebird Database
Author Barry
--- In, "Alan McDonald" <alan@...>
> >
> > I am using Windows Vista. I have been in contact with the support
> > group from SpacialAudio (where I purchased SPDJ) and they
> > uninstalling SPDJ and Firebird then search for and delete any
> > associated with Sampdj, Firebird and SpacialAudio. I did this then
> > reinstalled SPDJ and received the same message again. After I sent
> > SpacialAudio the screen shot of the error message, they said it
> > not their program problem and ended their support. I am good at
> > figuring out how to use programs but I am not good with the
> > aspects of my computer.
> >
> Thanks Barry, I think we have it now. Sounds like they need to
offer better
> support. The are, after all, the ones who know if they install the
> server or the embedded server...
> Do you supply 'localhost' somewhere, if so then I would guess that
the full
> server is being installed and the service is not running. Can you
> after installation, that the DefaultFirebirdInstance service is
running in
> your services applet?
> Alan
This is where it gets tough for me but I found the answer to your
I tried to install SPDJ and when the error appeared I went into Task
Managers service tab and found that FirebirdServerDefaultInstance was
running. FirebirdGuardianDefaultInstance was also running. I searched
for "localhost" but did not come up with anything.
A "Sam Party DJ installation Wizzard" screen popped up with "Database
login details for Firebird" on it. Access mode is set to "Local
Server". The remote server settings for Host is set to "localhost".
Port is set to "3050". Username and Password were filled in.