Subject Re: 2.1.1 Admin P/W change - 8 characters - please help
Author smaugie
--- In, Helen Borrie <helebor@...> wrote:
> At 04:58 AM 28/01/2009, you wrote:
> >Hi,
> >
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> >We are having issues moving our Delphi application from IB to Firebird
> >2.1.1. We have it working on Firebird 1.5, but 2.1.1 appears to have
> >downgraded the admin. password to 8 characters.
> Nope. It has never been > 8 characters.
> >In the IB version, it was 9 characters.
> You can define passwords with 9 (or more) characters but only the
first 8 are used. The old standard 'masterkey' is a case in point.
The actual password is 'masterke'. If you have users with 'masterkey'
and 'masterketchup' their passwords are the same.
> >How are others handling this? This appears to be a
> >downgrade and will seriously impact our Delphi application code.
> No change. Was 8, is still 8. There shouldn't be anything to
"handle". The extra characters should just continue to be ignored at
authentication time, just as they were in Fb 1.5 and IB.
> But tell us what is happening when your application is passing these
over-length passwords. "Having issues" doesn't say anything useful.
> (One suspects that you might be trying to use a renamed copy of your
old Fb 1.5 security.fdb as the security2.fdb on Fb 2.1. That won't work.)
> > We use
> >English, MS Server 2008 SP1, Vista Business SP1, XP Pro SP3. Any
> >assistance would be greatly appreciated.
> ./heLen
We get an error stating "user name and password are not defined". We
have not changed the password between 1.5 and 2.1 - same password. We
understand logically it should not matter since more characters are
allowed and only the first 8 are checked, but it does. Also, we
understand more of the MS Trust security information is used in 2.1.
Is this possibly part of the issue and if so how are people getting
around it?