Subject Re: [firebird-support] Effect of DefaultDbCachePages?
Author Ivan Prenosil
Hi Alexandre,

> I though that the connection parameter would override the database page
> cache, In my mind the precedence would be:
> 1) if you specified cache size during connection, that value is used. Period

I think it is safer to use value set by administrator (gfix),
than to let anybody fiddle with it (note that using of isc_dpb_num_buffers
is not restricted to admin/owner only).

> otherwise
> 2) if the database has specified cache size (e.g. using gfix), then that
> value is used
> otherwise
> 3) DefaultDbCachePages is used.
> In fact it doesn't matter in practice for me I never use connection
> specific buffer size, just the database specified one. But I think the
> order I said would make more sense (at least on my narrow point of
> view), since if I want for some reason and for a special case a distinct
> buffer size I could supply it just for that connection, overriding the
> database default.

You can verify it yourself, it is just one minute test :)