Subject Re: AW: [firebird-support] database and structure problem
Author Gabor Boros

In the future please provide the example(s) in Firebird form. CREATE
TABLE, INSERT INTO etc. I am said this in my name only. ;-)
I don't see the procedures and I don't know what those doing.
Compressed means backup/restore I think? If your application do
COMMIT; INSERT INTO and at next time COMMIT; INSERT INTO too, this is an
NOT COMMITED problem. If you use e.g. READ COMMITED in the reading
transaction that don't see the NOT COMMITED things. This is my opinion.


Olaf Kluge írta:
> Hello,
> Now, the first stored procedure has forgotten the last position.
> Now, this morning the other stored procedures do not works fine too. The
> java Application (netbeans) shows when executing stored procedures and
> database operators continually fail.
> Is this a result of uncompleted transactions?
> After I have compressed the database it works fine again.
> Thanks for Help.
> Olaf