Subject Re: Trouble running Firebird in Vista32, FB 2.0X.
Author Adam
--- In, Chuck Belanger
<phytotech@...> wrote:
> Hi, Adam:
> Thanks for the response.
> What do you mean by:
> Did you select Show processes from all users?

Vista doesn't show processes running as a different user (like those
belonging to services) by default. But I see from subsequent
discussions that you really don't have it running.

The first thing I would probably do is to reinstall; locate uninstall
a program in control panel, locate Firebird and run through the
wizard, then install again. I know there were some issues with the
control panel applet in Vista and some versions of Firebird, but that
is the only issue I ever encountered. In any case, make sure you have
the latest version of the 2.0 series (if that is the series you want
to install). Run through the installer and check again.

You can also check is services.msc to make sure the startup type for
Firebird Server - DefaultInstance is automatic and the recovery is
restart the service.

Also check the event viewer should also show if the service crashed
and Firebird.log for any details if this is the case.