Subject Re: [firebird-support] Trouble running Firebird in Vista32, FB 2.0X.
Author Chuck Belanger
It seems that I finally got FB running longer than a single boot. Not
sure which action corrected by here they are:

1. See:;en-us;Q325680

This issue occurs when one or both of the following conditions are true:

* There is a file named Program in your SystemDrive folder.
* There is a file named Common, SharePoint, or SharePoint Portal in
your ProgramFiles folder.

There was a "program" file in the drive. It was made by Delphi!

Things didn't immediately work and may have been an issue where I needed
to reboot. So I continued with other suggestions:

2. Need to take ownership of the LogFiles folder in Windows\System32.

Right click on LogFiles
Open security tab and click advanced
Open owner tab and click edit
Mark Admin or your user login under Change owner to: (I made my login,
which has Admin rights the owner--BTW, there was a thread about making
oneself the "real" admin that may haunt us, too. i.e. "Admin" does not
have full rights to change/launch programs.)

check Replace owner on subcontainers and objects
Press OK and press Continue to all error messages
Close open windows.

3. I loaded FB in the User folder not Program Files folder.

On rebooting several other programs that had services or started up with
windows now come up, thus leading me to believe that #3 was not
necessary, but certainly #2 or #1.
I'll be trying to reinstall FB to Program Files folder tomorrow.

This is REAL serious PITA and I hope MSFT fixes this type of stuff in
Windows 7!


> Hello:
> Finally am able to move my development system to Vista (32 Ultimate) and
> also move Firebird, but ran into some problems:
> When setting up Firebird (2.0X) as a service, it works at least until
> the next reboot, then stops working. I then tried to install it as an
> application. It worked until I rebooted Vista. If I try to restart it as
> a service (when it was installed as such), I got an error 193:0xc1. When
> I try to restart FB as an application, either the FB Guardian or FB
> Server, as Admin, nothing happens. Vista shows Firebird in the startup
> list, but it does not show up in the Processes list (task manager).
> Clearly something is stopping it from running. Any ideas?
> I really would appreciate any suggestions you may have on helping me to
> get Firebird running in Vista.
> Thank you,
> Chuck Belanger
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