Subject Nested Stored Procedure
Author jrodenhi
I am trying to put the new global temporary tables to use. I fill one
with a stored procedure that I execute from within the SQL Editor
window of IBExpert and then I run a stored procedure that provides
data from this table to create a report. Seeking to encapsulate the
whole process in the second stored procedure, I added an input
parameter to it called bInit which I can call as either 0 or not 0.
If it is not 0, then I call the first stored procedure from within the

The first stored procedure takes about 10 seconds to fill the
temporary table and the second one takes about 5 seconds to run when
there is data. But with the second stored procedure called from
within the first, control returns in less than a second and there is
no data from the global temporary table in the result.

While there are no error messages, if I put an Exception in the called
procedure, the exception does get thrown indicating that the called
procedure does get called. The rows in the global temporary table are
deleted on commit.

I can post my code if that would be helpful. Thanks for any help.