Subject Embedded server + network shares
Author Dave Odell
I'm using the embedded Firebird server 2.1 under Windows, and I want
to open a database on a remote network share, but according to

"You cannot locate components of the server, or any database, on a
mapped drive, a filesystem share or a network filesystem. "

The embedded server seems to enforce this by connecting to the
appropriate network server when it thinks the path points to a remote

Unix/Linux users seem to have a workaround by setting
RemoteFileOpenAbility = 1 in firebird.conf, but it doesn't work on
Windows. Question: is there another workaround for Windows, or will
there be one in the future?

I am aware that I'm asking for trouble by wanting to access a database
through a network file system. But even if...
# NFS does not provide a reliable way to detect multiple users of a file on
# an NFS mounted disk. If a second copy of Firebird connects to a database on
# an NFS mounted disk, it will corrupt the database.
(from firebird.conf)
...File locking under Windows via SMB does *seem* to work, so it
should at least be safer than NFS access.