Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: insert into with primary key
Author Martijn Tonies
>> >> > insert into employee_2008_11 select * from employee_2008
>> >> >
>> >> > and employee_2008_11 lost the information of the primary key.
>> >>
>> >> What does this mean? Did it lose -metadata- information about
>> >> which columns are part of the primary key?
>> > Yes.
>> But you yourself created table "employee_2008_11", didn't you?
>> How did you create it?
> I created employee_2008 for myself.

So the answer is YES. Now, did you create this table

> The insert command should create the employee_2008_11.

"should create"? No it shouldn't, not in Firebird SQL.

> I have read this as a trick in google for a while.
> It seems to be the wrong way.

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