Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: FB 1.5 Embedded VS FB 2.1 Enbedded
Author Anderson Farias

> The same files; but in XP and above you must *install* them, as you have
> discovered. This is documented in the Installation and Migration notes,
> which are included in all the kits.

Well, the MSI package it is not included on the embedded pack, also there
aren't any hints at the install doc (README_embedded.txt). IMHO it would be
very usefull some hints about it inside this doc

Most people download only the embedded zip package, and read the
README_embedded.txt which is suposed to be an install guide. The readme
guides one over every installation detail... BUT the need to install de MSI.

At the other hand, the package comes with the msvc* files but not with the
MSI install, so, one must download another firebird package (server install)
to get the all the files needed to get embedded running.

MHO is that this confuses people, and than it could be improved. Not the
OP's fault.

Anderson Farias