Subject FB 1.5 Embedded VS FB 2.1 Enbedded
Author x2412421

I have a strange problem.

I have developed a small program that is using FB Embeded 1.5 and
everything is working fine.

Now, I just want to replace FB Embedded files with the version 2.1.1
of FB Embedded and I'm starting to get the following error message:

bad parameters on attach or create database
CHARACTER SET ISO8859_1 is not defined

If I just replace the new FBEMBED.DLL 2.1.1 with the old version 1.5
of FBEMBED.DLL, everything is working well back.

What's wrong with the new version FB Embedded 2.1.1 ?

Since I need to use new feature of FB 2.1.1, I need to get it
working. Please, help.

Note that I'm testing it on a XP box where Firebird Server is not

Thanks for any help.