Subject Re: What do YOU use for secure connections to the DB?
Author Richard Salt
We use Zebedee. This is an open source tunnelling solution that
provides an encrypted, compressed tunnel over an insecure WAN.

It is simple to configure and use, and the licensing is GPL2 (ie.

If you need more sophistication, you could also try using openSSH to
create a tunnel - also an open source project.

Hope this helps.

Richard Salt

--- In, Hannes Streicher
<hstreicher@...> wrote:
> Hello Zd,
> sounds like VPN is the way to go, it is built in into all modern
> Operating systems
> and even cheap household ADSL-routers have VPN capabilities built in
> > This is a no go as my clients won't be spending thousands of
> > dollars on buying a server + the licenses...
> > The app I'm selling is very cheap, and I need a very cost-
effective solution...
> Happy New Year!
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