Subject Re: [firebird-support] Re: Advantages of FB 2.1.2 vs. 2.0.5
Author Anderson Farias

> If you want mine, some things became (measurably) faster. Some queries
>became (unusably) slower. We had to rewrite those queries (about 30 in
>total), and our application now runs measurably faster on 2.1.

Exactly my same experiece. When moving our app to v2.1 (from v1.5) we could
fell it was *faster*. BTW, the roll process took *verry little* effort to
acomplish (and the app is quite big)!!!

I was amazed we had to "fix" only about 2 table/field alias issues ("broken"
queries), and had to change only about 3 queries that became terribly slower
on v2.1.

It's great the way Firebird moves with so much great new features and fixes
and still *completly* compatible with older versions. AND... our app is
still build with IBX components!! (OK.. we're going to change that next
version started this year ;-))

And MORE... as I said on other posts here... Deployment of this new version
was incredibly EASY and straigt forward. (it's a client/server app, with at
least about 50 client machines on production site, distributed along about
10 different departments -- far from each other)

Not to mention this site has a server running FB 2.1 and 1.5 together...
So.. some client machines are using some apps that connect to FB2.1 and
other that still uses v1.5 (from other vendors)... with ZERO problems (and
zero work BTW),



Anderson Farias

PS: Needless to say this customer is so satisfaid with Firebird, it going to
become a FB foundation member from this year on... and I'm also trying to
get anual donation from it ;-)