Subject D2007 dbExpress driver: TDBXError when updating memo field
Author Hernando Duque C
Hi all,

I'm trying to updtate a memo field using a TSQLDataSet but I'm getting
into trouble whith this code:

mySQLDataSet.ParamByName('my_memo').AsString :=
mySQLDataSet.ParamByName('my_id').AsInteger :=
mySQLDataSet.Prepared := True;

When the ExecSQL is executed it raises a TDBXError :

'feature is not supported BLOB and array data types are not supported
for move operation'

What is wrong with this?

The CommandText is 'UPDATE my_table SET my_memo = :my_memo WHERE my_id
= :my_id'

Database : Firebird 1.5

It seems that this error is related with dbxint30.dll that does not
fully suppor Firebird. So I'll like to know if someone has a work
arround to it.

Any help will be appreciated.

Thank you