Subject Firbird Vulnerability To Exploits - Port 3050
Author wb7eok
My webmaster brought something up in our development meeting regarding
the use of Firebird over a network. Specifically, vulnerability to
exploits across a network. Here is an example:

"This module exploits a buffer overflow vulnerability in the database
service (fbserver.exe) of the FireBird SQL application. The exploit
triggers a stack-based buffer overflow by sending a specially crafted
"create" request to port 3050/TCP of the vulnerable system and
installs an agent if successful." This is something that actually
exists on the Internet" (Will not publish the site this is found on.)

Most importantly is his concern regarding password cracking of the
Security2.fdb file. He has looked at the file and is concerned that if
a hacker is successful in cracking the passwords, they could then own
the computer and destroy data.

His initial thought was to not have a static password in the security
file. Alternatively, the password would be dynamic. (Not sure if that
is possible.)

So my question is this. Since I do not see anything here on the user's
group about securing Firebird, I thought I would ask and see if anyone
has had any experience with this and what steps have been taken to
hopefully keep this from happening. Obviously having a secured
database is one thing. But protection from outside hacks also has to
be to be taken into consideration.

Thoughts? Comments? Anxious to hear.

Jack Wilson