Subject Re: [firebird-support] ReTuning Firebird Server for Optimal performance
Author Alexandre Benson Smith
Victor Perez wrote:
> Hello:
> I am running firebird 2.0 in a Windows 2003 R2 operating system server machine with two Intel Xeon 3.20 Ghz processors and 4 GB of RAM. I have two hard disks HD1: one partition C: 135 GB in a RAID 5 and HD2: one partition E: 68 MB in stand alone configuration.
> The database is running under SUPERSERVER configuration. I have two databases in the system. SISTEMA.GDB (964 MB in size) installed in the C: partition of HD1 (the same as the Operating system) and SISTEMA2.GDB (1032 MB) installed in the HD2 E: partition
> My problem is that when the database is under high demand from processes (i..e. payroll processing, end of the month sales/inventory reports, etc) and more number of users accessing (upto 30) the database, the system becomes very slow and almost comes to a halt.
> I have:
> 1. Installed a seconday disk (HD2) dedicate to SISTEMA2 database only and configure our applications so that the use this database the most. The idea was to have the main load in a HD which was not also using the Operating system
> 2. tried to play around with the firebird.conf file and changed the following settings to:
> SortMemUpperLimit = 1582688000
> DefaultDbCachePages = 409600
> SortMemBlockSize = 134217728
> Can anyone tell me what can I do to get the database running at optimum performance. I guess it will be worth noting that we have configure our application using a lot of begin and commit trans which locks tables, we have done this to assure completeness of the transactions.
> I will appreciate help.
> Victor

Small database...

you should use Classic Server to bennefit from
multi-processor/multi-core system.

Hard to say anything besides that without knowing wich is causing the
slowness... (database statistics, slow queries and execution plan, etc.)

see you !

Alexandre Benson Smith
THOR Software e Comercial Ltda
Santo Andre - Sao Paulo - Brazil