Subject My Generator handling code acts very strange ways
Author Tommi Prami
Sql is:

SELECT GEN_ID('+ AGeneratorname +',' +
intToStr(AValue) +

I am using DbExpress (in this case, one with comes with D6).

When I get FieldByName('CURVAL').AsString (to be safe, and has been vorking
years) it can return something like '=' or '?' or '1422=' (etc) sometimes,
this code (is used with Avalue=0 to get current value) returns actual value
in the DB (checked with 3rd party tool from DB directly).

Any ideas where to look at it. I am now using FB 1.5.5 and Gds32.dll is
correct (because I physically rmoved it and reinstalled Fb1.5.5)

Any ideas where to look at it. The Delphi code is unchanged, basically has
not been changed in years.

There is something very fishy going on, but I am just out of ideas. I did
even backup restore to the current DB I am using.

I think I had similar case once, but as usual I have no clue what was the
actual problem then...